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It was often used as a punishment." devil's advocate - a person who raises objections against a (typically) logical or reasonable proposition, usually to test a generally accepted argument, or simply to prompt debate - this expression derives from the now offically ceased process. Above board - honest - Partridge's Dictionary of Slang says above board is from card-playing for money - specifically keeping hands visible above the table (board was the word for table, hence boardroom not below, where they could be engaged in cheating. And a 'floater' has for some decades referred to someone who drifts aimlessly between jobs. 29 Strata 147 / Residential Elephant Castle Nicknamed "The Razor". Carlson took the gung-ho expression from the Chinese term 'kung-ho' meaning 'to work together'. Baskets also would have been cheap, and therefore perhaps a poor person's casket, again relating to the idea of a miserable journey after death. Christmas crackers/christmas crackered - knackers/knackered,.e., testicles/worn out or broken or exhausted - rhyming slang from the 1970s - rhymes with knackers or knackered, from the old word knacker for a horse slaughterer, which actually was originally not a rude word at all but. 27 28 9 The Scalpel 192 / Office City of London 29 30 Structurally topped out. 19th C and probably earlier. Dandelion - wild flower/garden weed - from the French 'dent de lyon meaning 'lion's tooth because of the jagged shape of the dandelion's leaves (thanks G Travis). The word 'umbles' is from 16th century England and had been mistranslated into 'humble' by the late 19th century (Brewer references 'humble pie' in his dictionary of 1870 - and refers to umbles being the heart, liver and entrails). Discussions would contain references to memory requirements in almost every sentence so we used the word 'kay' instead of the phrase 'kilobytes of memory'. By contrast "hide or hair" and "hide nor hare" return only about 200 references each, which is evidence of relative usage. Height reduced from 134. To have kissed the Blarney Stone - possessing great persuasive ability - the Blarney Stone, situated in the north corner of Blarney Castle, in the townland of Blarney, near Cork, Ireland, bears the inscription 'Cormac Mac Carthy fortis me fieri fecit'.

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Edgar Allan Poe refers to ".carrying oneself in a handbasket." in Marginalia, 1848. Nowadays it is attached through the bulkhead to a sturdy pin. A thing to play with." Cassells also says dildo was (from the mid 1600s to the mid 1800s) a slang verb expression, meaning to caress a woman sexually. The National Westminster Tower (now called Tower 42) followed in 1980, which at 183 metres (600 ft) became London's first genuine "skyscraper" by international standards. In early (medieval) France, spades were piques (pikemen or foot soldiers clubs were trèfle (clover or 'husbandmen diamonds were carreaux (building tiles or artisans and hearts, which according to modern incorrect Brewer interpretation were coeur,., hearts, were actually, according to my 1870 Brewer reprint.

København, tilbyder en fræk og uforpligtende sex aftale, hvor det der kommer til at ske bliver mellem Jer. Asiatisk rør uncensored sigle Sex Med Flere Tampa Sex Guide. The first high-rise in Hong Kong was the Hong Kong Shanghai Bank, completed in e building stood 70 m (230 ft) tall with 13 floors and was in use for five decades before being demolished for the construction of the hsbc Main Building. Fisse massage swinger nordjylland / Tisemand rdtube Massage og escort piger thai massage i københavn k / Analsex Nøgne, kvinder, med Former Handicap girl sex - Hot girl rhus handicap ledsager kort Escort i Herning er der mange der leder efter. Heldigvis er der mange forskellige escortpiger og massagepiger som arbejder i Herning. Du finder også altid en masse nye og frække amatørpiger, som bare venter på du besøger dem. Leder du efter en helt bestemt type kvinde i Herning, kan du også vælge at oprette din egen gratis annonce her på Annonceligt. HellM emma sexy horny latina HOT sweet special servic GFE blowjobs, deep throat,quen anal, special full servic Jeg er en multi orgasmisk pige.

Incidentally (apparently) the term Wilhelm Scream was coined by Star Wars sound designer Ben Burtt, so-called because it was used for the character Private Wilhelm in a 1953 film The Charge at Yellow River. (Ack DH) codswallop/cod's wallop - nonsense - Partridge suggests cod's wallop (or more modernly codswallop) has since the 1930s related to 'cobblers' meaning balls (see cockney rhyming slang : cobblers awls balls in the same way that sort pik massage helsingør thai bollocks (and all other slang for testicles) means. A man was placed forward and swung a lead weight with a length of rope. The choice of monkey - as opposed to any other creature - is also somehow inevitable given a bit of logical thought. It seems (ack S Burgos) that the modern Spanish word (and notably in Castellano) for lizard is lagartija, and lagarto now means alligator. The expression 'doesn't know his ass (or beans, or head) from a hole in the ground/wall' is a further variation. 3 110 Bishopsgate 230 / 756.046 2011 Office City of London Tallest building in the City of London financial district. The best suggestion I've seen (thanks Roberts) is that the 'liar liar pants on fire' rhyme refers to or is based upon the poem, Matilda, (see right) by Hilaire Belloc (1870-1953 from Cautionary Tales for Children, published in 1907. Humbug - nonsense, particularly when purporting to be elevated language - probably from 'uomo bugiardo Italian for 'lying man'. Nor sadly do official dictionaries give credence to the highly appealing sex koblenz sextreffen kostenlos suggestion that the black market expression derives from the illicit trade in stolen graphite in England and across the English channel to France and Flanders, during the reign of Elizabeth I (1533-1603). Bear in mind that a wind is described according to where it comes from not where it's going. The song became very popular and would no doubt have given wide publicity and reinforcement to the 'hold the fort' expression. Bubby and bubbies meaning breasts appeared in the late 1600s, probably derived from the word bub, both noun and verb for drink, in turn probably from Latin bibire, perhaps reinforced by allusion to the word bubble, and the aforementioned 'baba' sound associated massageguid modne kvinder til sex with babies. Modern sort pik massage helsingør thai dictionaries commonly suggest the word dildo was first recorded in the 17th or 16th century, depending on the dictionary, and that the origin is unknown.

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Retrieved 2 December 2016. An early use is Jim Dawson's blog m (started Dec 2007). A small wooden box is (or was) circulated and the vote is/was taken in the following manner: one part of the box contains white cubes and a few black balls. "All Transaction Estates Lohas Park Phase 2b Le Prime Tower 6 R Wing". Retrieved "City planners approve 38-storey London 'scalpel. Hold all the cards/play your cards right/hold your cards to your chest/card up your sleeve/put, lay your cards on the table - be in tactical control/make the right tactical moves/keep your tactics secret from your opponents/keep a good tactic in reserve/reveal your tactics or feelings. Based on Nigel Rees' well researched and reliable dating of 1923 for first recorded use, it is likely that earliest actual usage was perhaps a few years before this. Org) there ain't no such thing as a free lunch - you never get something for nothing - now a common business expression, often used in acronym form 'tanstaafl', the first recorded use of this version was by Robert Heinlein in his 1966 book 'The. If the Shakespearian root is valid this meaning perhaps blended with and was subsequently further popularised by the playing card metaphor. I'm additionally informed (thanks Jon 'thenostromo' of m) of the early appearance of the 'go girl' expression, albeit arguably in a slightly different cultural setting to the modern context of the saying, in Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, in the final line of Act I, Scene. The saying is not a metaphor or slang, it is literal use of language, given a particular stylised structure and emphasis, in this case which we tend to associate with a normally passive or repressed girl or woman committing and being encouraged by a supporter. The expression, or certainly its origins, are old: at least 1700s and probably earlier. The "Year" column indicates the year in which a building is expected to be complete. An early recorded use given by Allen's English Phrases indicates that the expression is from the late 1500s or sooner (from John Lily's work Mother Bombie, 1594 ".Then let's about it speedily, for so many irons in the fire together require a diligent Plummer." This.

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160 80 Stock Exchange Tower 100 / 328.027 1970 Office City of London Urbanest King's Cross 100 / 328.027 2013 Residential City of London 163 * Indicates still under construction, but has been Topped-out Tallest under construction, approved, and proposed edit Under construction. Since it took between 40 and 60 seconds to reload, that meant a volley fired every 15-20 seconds, which proved devestating to the opposing line. People would come and stand outside to try and get a glimpse. 6 Crystal Palace Transmitter 219 / 720.0N/A 1950 Transmitter Crystal Palace Tallest structure in London completed in the 1950s. Charles Dickens' fame however (he was extremely famous in England while alive and writing as well as ever since) would certainly have further reinforced the popularity of the 'dickens' expression. Get my/your/his dander up - get into a rage or temper - dander meant temper, from 19thC and probably earlier; the precise origin is origin uncertain, but could have originated in middle English from the Somerset county region where and when it was used with.